My name is Anna.

I come from Poland. I have lived in Ireland for several years with my husband and two daughters.


How did I start Photographs?The first words that I took pictures fell from the mouth of my husband, for which I am very grateful to him because without him I would not be here.


Starting I had no idea about photography.
In 2015, when I gave birth to my second daughter, I took photos amateurly. With great passion and commitment, I quickly began to learn and took part in safety and positioning workshops for newborns as well as in children's photography workshops.


Today I can say that I love what I do. I can't name it, is it work, hobby, talent or addiction? probably from each of them a bit ...


Thank you my beloved for trust. For showing your true emotions in front of my camera. That you give my beloved kids to my hands for a few moments, as well as you sometimes ashamed beautifully present yourself in front of my camera.


Remember that the session lasts moments and the souvenir we can create together remains a lifetime souvenir for you and for me it is a great satisfaction and fulfillment.